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As an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of two grown boys I understand the demands that life challenges us with!  It can be a struggle to keep up with our careers, family and other reponsbities. Add to the mix the confusing symptoms of menopause and now we are talking MAJOR UPHEAVAL! 

Empowering you to reclaim control of your life to thrive throughout all stages of menopause

Does this sound like you...

weight gain?

body composition morphing? more?

hot flashes/night sweats?

mood changes?

low energy/fatigue? 

fading memory?

lacking a sense of purpose? 

difficulty concentrating? 

low libido?

If you answered YES to three or more of these symptoms, I can help you.

Almost overnight, it seems as if our bodies and minds have turned into creatures we don't recognize any more!  

Maybe you've experienced a few of these symptoms or all of them!

As someone who has experienced these symptoms myself,  I understand. I am committed to normalizing the conversation surrounding menopause and its challenges. Women should be able to talk about the struggles they face and enlist the support needed to empower them to confront menopause and all its  craziness head on. After all, perimenopause and menopause can last for a decade or more. That's too much precious time to waste.   

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to navigate the challenges you are facing during perimenopause, menopause and beyond. 

Working together I can help you....

manage your weight & optimize nutrition 

balance your metabolism & hormones 

incorporate an appropriate movement routine,

control anxiety & stress 

enhance your relationships 

experience better sleep and more rest

I believe that through mindset shifts and building healthy habits you can achieve anything you set your mind to! We cannot thrive in life until we feel our best in body, mind and spirit.

testimonials & client love

Marcia Puc, at Rewind Wellness is nothing short of amazing!! She recently did a workshop at our school for 25 employees and did an incredible job. She spoke about the importance of wellness in the workplace and beyond and gave many helpful tips/strategies that can be implemented into everyone's daily lives. Marcia is knowledgeable in the field of wellness and is so personable and engaging. I highly recommend Marcia Puc, you will not be disappointed!!

Kris Generali/Director-Owner/Generali School of Literature & The Arts/Middlebury CT 

Marcia at Rewind Wellness has been facilitating Wellness Workshops for our team for several months now. Each workshop is customized to align with what our team’s interests and goals are, and Marcia puts so much thought and effort into each session. From improved nutrition to mindfulness, Marcia’s expertise and her passion for helping people are obvious and shine through in all of our interactions with her. I would highly recommend Rewind Wellness to individuals or groups of people who are looking for guidance in improving their overall health. Thank you Marcia!

Carley Ames/Chief People Officer/Fiduciam Financial/Middlebury CT 

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