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Empower Your Team with Rewind Wellness Workplace Workshops

Explore Our Diverse Range of Wellness Workshops

Happiness Reinvented

Explore the essence of true happiness with 'Happiness Reinvented'. This workshop challenges conventional views, focusing on internal fulfillment over external achievements. Discover strategies for lasting joy and understand the impact of the happiness pursuit on your well-being. Perfect for fostering a positive, balanced workplace.

Clean Eating For Energy

'Clean Eating for Energy' focuses on the vital role of nutrition in maintaining energy levels. Learn the benefits of a diet rich in minimally processed, nutrient-dense foods and the impact of sugar on metabolism. Discover practical tips for healthier food choices that enhance overall well-being and keep energy levels stable throughout the day.

Permission to Rest & Restore

Discover the 'Permission to Rest & Restore' workshop, a guide to embracing relaxation and combating burnout in today's non-stop society. Learn effective relaxation techniques, the importance of quality sleep, and how establishing mindful routines can lead to a more focused, successful life. Navigate away from constant busyness towards a balanced, healthier lifestyle with this insightful session.

Value Of Friendship & Meaningful Connections

Dive into the 'Value of Friendship & Meaningful Connections' workshop, addressing the crucial role of relationships in combating society's rising loneliness. Uncover how building bonds enhances health, happiness, and success. Gain insights on boosting mood and empathy through interactions, and learn actionable strategies for fostering strong connections, both professionally and personally, in our increasingly digital world.

Creating Lasting Habits Through Action

Embark on the 'Creating Lasting Habits Through Action' workshop, a practical journey into habit formation. This session dives into establishing sustainable habits, offering actionable habit-building techniques. Learn the art of setting achievable goals, ensuring consistency, and celebrating incremental progress. Our workshop equips you with the strategies and mindset for lasting change, transforming both your personal and professional spheres.

Living More in Nature

Join our 'Living More In Nature' workshop and unlock the incredible health benefits of natural surroundings. Explore the impact of nature on mental refreshment and physical health. Gain valuable tips on integrating the outdoors into your routine, leveraging the rejuvenating power of nature to enhance your overall wellness journey.

Maximize Workplace Potential with Rewind Wellness Workshops

Unlock the transformative benefits of Rewind Wellness Workshops in your office environment. Led by Marcia Puc, these sessions are tailored to boost team health, resulting in heightened productivity, improved morale, and a notable decrease in stress levels. Embrace a new era of workplace efficiency and well-being through our dedicated wellness initiatives.

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For optimal success a regular, on-going well being program is ideal.  There are endless topics in the wellness space.  Exploring different areas will pique the interest and resonate with participants in different ways.  Interaction with the coach between sessions allows for continued continuity in personal reflection, assessment and improvement.  This approach is important to long term success. 


Up to 20 team members:
$1000/workshop -or- Book 4 for $3200


21-40 team members:
$1500/workshop -or- Book 4 for $5200

What to Expect:

  • Length = 90-120 minutes

  • Presentation

  • Self Assessment


  • Includes Relevant Support Materials - Handouts/Books

  • Guest Speakers/Demonstrators 

  • Q&A

  • Take Home Wellness Challenge  

  • On-going Email Support with Coach (up to one month following the workshop) *

* 20% discount for workshop only; no follow up coach support 

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Transform Your Workplace with Wellness

Rewind Wellness's diverse workshops are your gateway to cultivating a healthier, more productive workplace. Embrace this opportunity to invest in your team's well-being and witness the profound impact on your work environment. Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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Begin Your Path To Wellness Mastery:
Explore, Learn, and Grow With Rewind Wellness

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