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Elevate Your Team's Health with Lunch & Learn Workshops

Explore Our Signature Lunch & Learn Workshops

Mindful Mixology 

Join us in the 'Mindful Mixology' session, a journey through the art of mindful drinking. From Dry January to Sober October, discover the elegance of crafting exquisite non-alcoholic elixirs. This session introduces you to a world of innovative flavor pairings and natural ingredients, culminating in delightful no-ABV beverages. Prepare to be inspired, sample unique concoctions, and take home recipes that redefine the essence of a sophisticated drink.

Building a Better Smoothie 

Building a Better Smoothie" workshop delves into the art of crafting nutrient-rich smoothies. Learn the secrets to combining ingredients for health benefits, with a focus on phytonutrients, fiber, and vitamins. Discover how to enhance smoothies with protein powder and superfoods for an energy and focus boost. Enjoy sampling a variety of flavors, perfect for a rejuvenating afternoon lift.

Exercises for Desk Dwellers

'Exercises for Desk Dwellers' workshop tackles the challenges of sedentary work life. Learn why incorporating short exercise breaks can significantly enhance mental and physical health. Discover practical, easy-to-do exercises that boost mood, improve focus, and reduce stress, all while preventing stiffness. Equip yourself with techniques to stay active, even at your desk, and leave with resistance bands to aid your new routine.

Enhancing Connection 

'Enhancing Connection' workshop delves into the paradox of our connected world. Despite technological advances, genuine human connections seem to be dwindling. This session explores the importance of personal relationships for health, longevity, and overall well-being. Engage in discussions about fostering deeper connections in our digital age, and learn why nurturing these bonds is crucial for resilience and a sense of purpose.

Finding Everyday Joy 

'Finding Everyday Joy' workshop focuses on rediscovering the beauty in life's small moments. Learn to shift focus from just big goals to recognizing daily joys, training your brain to appreciate these moments, and developing strategies to enhance your daily happiness.

Breathwork Realized 

'Breathwork Realized' workshop emphasizes the transformative power of mindful breathing. Discover how a few minutes of focused breathwork can significantly enhance relaxation and well-being. Learn about the physiological and psychological effects of conscious breathing and practice various techniques to integrate into your daily routine for stress relief and improved focus.

The Skinny on Fats 

'The Skinny on Fats' workshop demystifies dietary fats, clarifying which are beneficial and which to avoid. Dive into the complex world of fats, understand their role in nutrition, and learn how incorporating the right fats can enhance your health.

Kick The Sugar Habit

'Kick the Sugar Habit' workshop explores the widespread presence of sugar in our diets and its addictive nature. Learn about the food industry's role in sugar cravings and discover effective strategies and tips to reduce sugar intake and combat cravings, paving the way for healthier eating habits.

Detoxifying Salads 

A good salad is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Salads are portable, quick to assemble and can be eaten just about anywhere. In this session you will learn how to build a salad that your body will thank you for! We will talk about all the wonderful detoxifying properties of fruits and vegetables. You will learn how to make a few different salads and dressings. Samples & recipes provided!

Stretching & Flexibility For longevity 

Most of us know that it's important to stretch before engaging in exercise and after exercising.  But having  a regular stretching routine is beneficial for everything from preventing injuries to stress relief. In this session, you will learn exercises that you can practice at home or at your desk that will improve your flexibility.  You will learn why implementing stretching into your daily routine will help improve your quality of life and help you manage the changes in your body that come with aging. 

New England winters can be rough!  Cold, wind, sleet, snow, wind, dark mornings & evenings, cloudy days... It's no wonder so many people hole up in their houses and just wait for the arrival of spring!  It doesn't have to be this way.  During this Lunch & Learn you will learn how to embrace the season.  Turn your "hibernation" into a chance to reflect, relax and reenergize yourself incorporating a multitude of self care practices and mindset shifts. 

Beating the Winter Blues 

Boost Your Team's Performance with Wellness-Focused Lunch & Learn Sessions

 Explore our enriching Lunch & Learn Workshops at Rewind Wellness, perfectly tailored for your team's hectic lifestyle. Grab a lunch and get ready to take in relevant and engaging topics.  These sessions offer valuable wellness insights, fostering a more focused and cohesive workplace. Dive into a journey of health and productivity, all within the comfort of your office.

Amazing Power of Nature 

Participants in a Rewind Wellness corporate workshop engage in stretching exercises at a conference table to promote office w

Lunch & Learns are an easy and effective way to sprinkle in some health and wellness in relaxed atmosphere. They are engaging,  informative and FUN!


What to Expect: 

  • Length = 30-60 minutes 

  • Presentation 

  • Supporting Materials 


$450 per session (up to 25 team members

$525/session (up to 50 team members)

The 'Amazing Power of Nature' workshop encourages reconnecting with the outdoors, emphasizing science-backed mental and physical benefits of spending time outdoors. It offers practical strategies to seamlessly integrate nature into your daily routine, enhancing well-being at work and beyond.

A group of individuals participating in a group wellness class in Connecticut, engaging in community building and wellness
Elegantly arranged wellness event table with gift bags from Rewind Wellness, sunflowers centerpiece, and wellness materials.
Two participants practicing breathwork exercises during a Rewind Wellness class in Connecticut, enhancing relaxation and focu

Boost Team Wellness with Rewind Wellness Lunch & Learn

Boost your team's health and work performance with our tailored Lunch & Learn workshops. Designed to blend into your busy schedule, these sessions offer key insights for a healthier, more productive team. Ready to make a positive change? Schedule a session and start your team's journey to better health and vitality.

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